serious kit


Offer yourself to the Pulsating Rubber Suit.

What does it feel like to wear latex that breathes?

It's like sacrificing your whole body to the jaws of a hungry rubber vampire.

A vampire that lives to suck you down into a black abyss, slowly devouring you whole.

As the rubber repeatedly grabs hold of your flesh, you'll feel like you're being chewed, sculpted and molded to fit perfectly in its mouth.

Then it sucks you down deeper into a world that is tight, warm and wet--like a throat--where you'll lose the concept of self, and the concept of time.

With lube as its saliva, your struggles only make it easier for your body to slide down as the rubber beast sucks you further. There is no escape. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

You've just been fed to the Pulsating Rubber Suit--my beast--and I'm its Mistress and Master.


Rubber's Finest Sarkophag

The heaviest rubber bag in world.

Made by no other but Rubber's Finest of Germany. 

The Sarkophag is inflatable with a built in smell bag which connect to Heavy duty mask,

dungeon equipment

Dozens of Whips

Abundance of Rubber Hoods


Fetters UK Hoods

Latex for Clients

Metal Bondage