NYC'Premiere Rubber and Leather Specialist


Our Studio Dungeons


 Lose yourself in the glorious world of Bizarre Rubber and allow yourself to savor one of life's most decadent delicacies. Free your mind as I posses your soul by encasing your entire body in more Rubber, Latex, and Gummi than you ever thought you could physically and mentally withstand. Inhale the diabolically delicious scent of some of the world's highest grade Rubber while your body quivers at the slightest touch of cool Rubber on your warm, tender skin. Feel it cling to your moist body as the Rubber becomes one with your hot excited flesh. And just when you feel as though you are going to explode, I will force you to endure even more Rubber until you reach unimaginable heights of hedonistic ecstasy.

Who am I? I am NYC's Premiere Rubber specialists and the proprietors of New York's only Rubber Studio. Latex, Gummi, Rubber---name your poison and chose your aphrodisiac--the taste, touch, and smell will awaken all of your senses. I invite you to come and fulfill all of your rubber dreams.

Unfulfilled Rubber fantasies? Your search has now come to an end. Mistress Ariana Chevalier is NYC's Premiere Rubberist, who can and will make those rubber dreams a reality. Imagine yourself in one of My custom-made inflatable suits, unable to hear, speak, or see - rendering you as helpless as the day you were born -- totally depend on Me. I invite you to step out of the light and into My dark bizarre rubber world, where your fantasies will become reality...

If you consider yourself brave enough to endure the session of a lifetime with one of the world's most well-respected Rubber Fetishists, then search no more for you have found THE ONE.